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RISC2 Webinar Series

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The RISC2 Webinar Series "HPC System & Tools"

The RISC2 Webinar Series "HPC System & Tools"

After the success of the first 4 webinars, the RISC2 Webinar Series "HPC System & Tools" is back for its 2nd season. The webinars will be happening until May 2023, starting on February 22. 

In each webinar, it will be presented the state-of-the-art in methods and tools for setting-up and maintaining HPC hardware and software infrastructures.

The first 4 webinars are already scheduled:

  • Developing complex workflows that include HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • A roadmap to quantum computing integration into HPC infrastructures
  • Improving energy-efficiency of High-Performance Computing clusters
  • Addressing the challenges of scientific visualization in the exascale age

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