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RedCLARA annouces the creation of its Scientific Computing Council

RedCLARA annouces the creation of its Scientific Computing Council

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In order to strengthen the capacity of universities and research centers in science and education, and to guide the development and integration of the set of advanced computing services required by national networks to form the regional academic network and its user communities, it was created, on the occasion of the Assembly of Partners of the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (La Serena, Chile, December 3-5, 2019), the RedCLARA Scientific Computing Council. The organ, made up of nine senior (and three alternate) counselors, will start its activities in January 2020.

The guiding principle of the Council's work will be to guide and recommend regional level actions with regard to high performance computing, scientific data and cloud usage. The Board will also function as an advisory body to the Academic Relations Management of the regional advanced network.

The specific objectives of the “SCC” are:

  • Advise RedCLARA on technology trends and its impact on services architecture.
  • Recommend action plans for incorporating new technologies, products and services.
  • Guide the development of a strategy for using public and private cloud services.
  • Establish linking and operating modes to integrate networks with RedCLARA services.
  • Guide the development of alliances and cooperation initiatives with other networks, computer centers and any other organization that may be of interest to the development of RedCLARA initiatives.
  • Monitor and evaluate the development of scientific and dissemination proposals and activities proposed by RedCLARA in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Board will have an initial “duration” of two years and is composed of the following academics and researchers:

Senior Counselors:

  • Luis Gutiérrez (Mexico)
  • Esteban Meneses (Costa Rica)
  • Harold Castro (Colombia)
  • Daniela Ballari (Ecuador)
  • Gines Guerrero (Chile)
  • Alberto Castro (Uruguay)
  • Alvaro Coutinho (Brazil)
  • Álvaro de la Ossa (Costa Rica, member of SCALAC)
  • Carlos J. Barrios H. (Colombia, member of SCALAC)

Alternate Counselors

  • Sergio Nesmachnow (Uruguay)
  • Denis Cazar (Ecuador)
  • Juan Fernando Mancilla (El Salvador)

Council members were nominated and selected by the directors of RedCLARA's member national research and education networks, meeting at the La Serena Assembly.